In order to succeed in today’s job market, students need a solid foundation of academic and technical skills. J.M. Wright is an innovative high school in a technology-rich environment that prepares students for jobs of the future.

J.M. Wright Technical High School - 150 Student openings for the class of 2019

The need for energy-efficient housing is becoming increasingly important. In this program, students will study energy efficiency and renewable energy products and methods. The skills students will acquire include:

• High-tech cabinetry making
• Millworking skills

• Fabrication skills
• Residential housing and commercial construction

Students will participate in building actual residential housing. Graduates may pursue job opportunities in construction and cabinet making, or earn a two- or four-year degree in building efficiency and sustainable technology.

The healthcare field is growing at a rapid rate. Six of the 10 fastest growing careers are in the healthcare field. Students in this program will be a step ahead, receiving a solid foundation of medical skills and terminology as well as the following certifications:

• CPR certification• OSHA certification• CARES certification

They will also earn college credit to further their education in their chosen healthcare field and can enter the workforce immediately as a certified nursing assistant or medical assistant.

Every high school graduate needs essential STEM competencies as preparation for post-secondary education, work and citizenship.

STEM careers are the careers of the future, and Wright Tech will equip students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in this competitive job market.

With the production and distribution of food being the largest economic activity in the world, skilled culinary arts professionals are in high demand.

Our Culinary Arts and Science program focuses on the blending of culinary arts with food science and prepares individuals to work as industry or research chefs, or in research and development positions in the food industry. Graduates will be able to demonstrate an ability to combine food production development skills, entrepreneurial talents and science and technology knowledge in bringing food from farm to fork.

Our technology-rich environment starts with an electronic device for every student and continues with Web-based assessments and computer-mediated instructions, in addition to traditional learning.

The J.M. Wright Career and Placement Center will help students choose a field of study based on interest, aptitude and skill set.

Throughout students’ four years, we connect them with internship and employment opportunities through our local business and industry partners.

The future of the automobile is here. In 30 years, half of all new cars will be hybrids.

In our program, students will become proficient in alternative fuel vehicles to meet the needs of tomorrow’s car owners. Students will be able to earn college credit toward a degree through local community colleges and service programs. They will graduate as technicians and be fully prepared for highly technical and rewarding careers within the automotive field.

Our students’ schedules allow for fluid movement between J.M. Wright and local college campuses.

Each planned program of study aligns with post-secondary institutions and can lead to an associate degree. Dual credit and dual enrollment are available for all juniors and seniors.

Hospitality refers to a wide range of different specialties, including hotel, food service, travel and tourism.

With more than 1 million restaurants in the U.S. and over 300,000 hotels, it’s easy to understand why the demand for managers in this industry is so high. Hospitality graduates can be assured they are entering a career that offers long-term security and opportunities around the world.

With an estimated 30 million new green jobs being created by 2030, e-programs are becoming increasingly important.

Students in the electrical program will learn about energy efficiency and renewable energy sources and how they apply to solar photovoltaic systems in residential and commercial construction. Internships are available with residential, commercial and industrial electricians, including utility companies. Job opportunities for graduates include union and non-union employment through utility companies and renewable energy companies.

Today, it takes a diverse skills set to manage a complex, technology-driven facility.

The role of a facilities manager is to ensure corporate and regulatory compliance and proper operation of all aspects of a building. Our program is the first of its type in the country. Students are taught the overall management of a maintenance program in a commercial, industrial or residential complex, with a focus on energy sustainability and efficiency. Students will be able to participate in internships and earn college credit at local colleges, and graduates can explore employment in a facilities management company or with any company with facilities management needs.

Students in this program will be able to explore their creativity through all aspects of digital production.

From pitching their project ideas to writing, production and post-production, students will create a major work that illustrates their creativity, quality and professionalism. Graduates can go on to pursue a degree in media production or communications, or start a career in the production industry.

With an estimated 30 million new green jobs being created by 2030, the need for graduates with energy efficiency skills is growing.

Students in the plumbing and heating program will learn how energy efficiency and renewable energy sources apply to the installation of solar thermal heating and hot water systems. They will also participate in designing and building plumbing and heating systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Graduates can go on to work in water treatment plants and utility companies or further their education in solar technology.

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